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Oakmoss & Amber Large Mason Jar

Oakmoss & Amber Large Mason Jar


We brand this our Man Candle because it is very similar to what we all think of when we think of aftershave. Oakmoss has been a hit amongst everyone loving a lighter musky scent. Perfect for bathrooms, laundry, entryways, clean, refreshing, & inviting.


  • Product Info

    All of our candles are made from all natural soy wax, infused with essential oils, using cotton wicks. Each candle is hand poured locally in West Petaluma, & burns for approximately 25+ hours. Each of our candles makes a perfect gift or gesture for any occasion. Leaving the reciever remembering not only your gesture but where the scent brings them. Let it Glow, with Barely Lit Co. Contact us for custom orders for your next event, as well as wholesale orders at

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